Buddhism + everyday life



In April 2018, Lodro led an online class on Buddhism + Everyday Life. You can now own the video and audio recordings of this essential course. 

"I really enjoyed this entire course. Lodro has a very relatable way of delivering the information -- helps provide a solid understanding of Buddhism and mindfulness fundamentals. I'd strongly recommend this course for really anyone who's on a curious spiritual path." - Jennie


With mindfulness being all the rage these days, it's easy to lose track of what it actually means and where it came from. Join Lodro for a five week series where we trace mindfulness back to the original teachings of the Buddha and learn how to bring this simple concept into the nitty-gritty details of our life.

Week 1: The Life of the Buddha and his Four Noble Truths (or Why You Suffer and How to Get Over It)

Week 2: The Eightfold Path I: Wise View, Intention Setting and Decent Action

Week 3: The Eightfold Path II: Wise Livelihood and Exerting Ourselves in Relationships 

Week 4: The Eightfold Path III: Wise Mindfulness and Concentration, as well as the Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Week 5: Loving-Kindness for Ourselves and Others, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity

Each recording includes a short guided meditation, a talk, and Lodro addressing the questions on the material.

May it be of benefit!



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