This program was just named one of the 7 best meditation retreats in 2019 by YOGA JOURNAL. We are only accepting a handful more participants for this program so if you want to join, apply today!

Looking to deepen your meditation practice or simply locate some space and clarity in the center of a hectic existence? Join meditation teachers and Buddhist authors Adreanna Limbach + Lodro Rinzler for an immersive week of mindfulness and loving-kindness meditation to deeply center ourselves, open our hearts and shed layers of hibernation and mental rubbish just in time for Spring. Overlooking expansive views of Claverack, New York, we will spend the week practicing a blend of walking meditation, sitting meditation, loving-kindness exercises, journaling and talks on :

• How to keep an open heart in troubling times so that we can love ourselves and others more deeply

• Staying grounded and learning from strong emotions — while being more kind to ourselves in the process

• Bringing the practices of mindfulness and compassion into our daily life through the Buddha’s teachings on the Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path

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