Starting April 1st, you can join a select group of students to deepen your meditation practice and study the Buddhist canon in-depth with a supportive online community and the mentorship of Lodro Rinzler. Participate based on your own schedule in an in-depth curriculum that brings the traditional teachings of the Buddha to life and makes them particularly applicable to our modern world.

"Lodro is a witty, insightful, and intelligent teacher. He combines an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the Buddhist text with a deep practical wisdom of what it is to be a human in the modern world.”

- Isabelle

Who this is for 🔷

  • people who are really stressed out & overwhelmed by strong emotions and are guessing deepening their meditation practice will help (it will)

  • anyone geographically isolated / seeking a supportive spiritual but not religious online community

  • people who might need to be held accountable for their meditation practice (it’s okay, we’ve all been there)

  • anyone who could use some personal guidance from an experienced meditation teacher to help them integrate all of this into their everyday life

  • people seeking a deep spiritual and transformational path of practice

    "Lodro has a very relatable way of delivering the information - helps provide a solid understanding of Buddhism and mindfulness fundamentals. I'd strongly recommend this course for really anyone who's on a curious spiritual path." - Jennie


  • A supportive community of fellow meditation practitioners to support you on your transformational journey

  • 20 pre-recorded Buddhist meditation talks covering the entirety of the path- one half hour video each week (more details below)

  • Guided audio meditation recordings to deepen your own practice along the way

  • Guest videos once a month from renowned Buddhist teachers

  • 1-2x a month 45 minute private mentoring sessions with Lodro via Google Hangout to bring the practice off the cushion and into your family, work, and social life

  • One daylong meditation retreat live-streamed to your own home 

  • Handouts and other readings to further your studies

  • An accountability buddy to keep you on track with daily meditation practice…because teamwork makes the dream work

  • Once a month “social” with the community online, including a Q&A with Lodro

  • An inclusive, non-hierarchical learning environment


“For the four years I've been studying with Lodro, he always pushes me towards more compassion and sensitivity for myself and others. In his teaching, Lodro consistently provides the perfect mix of traditional wisdom and contemporary experience, showing that what we think are our oh-so-modern problems are really pretty much the same as the ones humans have always been encountering.” - Sharon






In this section we dive into what the Buddha taught on how we create suffering for ourselves and how we can stop doing that. It also includes the very applicable topics of Wise Speech, Wise Livelihood and the many ways we can “hack” mindfulness into our everyday experience off the meditation cushion. 


Week 1: Overview of the Different Forms of Meditation and the Three Yanas, or Vehicles, of Buddhism

Week 2: The Many Lifetimes of the Buddha

Week 3: The Four Noble Truths

Week 4: The Eightfold Path (Part 1)

Week 5: The Eightfold Path (Part 2)

Week 6: The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Week 7: The 12 Nidanas and How We Develop Ego

Week 8: The Five Skandhas (Aggregates) and How We Constantly Reify Ego

Week 9: Klesha, or Getting Hooked by Emotions

Week 10: Egolessness and Basic Goodness

Includes the following guided meditation recordings: intentions meditation, disciplined shamatha (calm-abiding meditation), spacious shamatha, emotions meditation, egolessness exercise




Section 2: The Two Sides of the Mahayana (Greater Vehicle): Emptiness and Compassion

In the second section of this curriculum we get into the greater vehicle teachings that allow us to see our world with more fluidity and an open heart. While we start with the BIG topic of emptiness we then transition into how we can then have a profound effect on society through the truth of interdependence. Then we spend a number of weeks going through the traditional mind-training slogans of Atisha, which are practical reminders for how to bring these esoteric teachings into our work, family and social life. The course concludes with how we offer love more freely and an introduction into another BIG topic: tantra.


Week 1: Emptiness of Self and Other

Week 2: Karma, Interdependence, and How to Help the World

Week 3: Lojong (Mind-Training Slogans) Part 1

Week 4: Lojong (Mind-Training Slogans) Part 2

Week 5: Lojong (Mind-Training Slogans) Part 3

Week 6: Lojong (Mind-Training Slogans) Part 4

Week 7: The Four Immeasurables (Ways of Offering Love) and Loving-Kindness Practice

Week 8: Compassion in the Modern Era

Week 9: Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity

Week 10: Introduction to Tantra

Includes the following guided meditation recordings: loving-kindness meditation, loving-kindness meditation for yourself, contemplations on lojong, emptiness contemplation


The Dates: Starting April 1st, the dates are wonderfully flexible - this program is meant to work around your busy life:

  • One-on-one meetings with Lodro can be scheduled at mutually agreeable times Monday-Friday (with limited weekend availability)

  • The videos and individual practice requirements can be done at your own pace

  • The monthly social date will be determined by the group of participants

Certification: Participants who complete all videos, the daily meditation practice requirement, readings, daylong retreat and one comprehension test will receive a certificate of completion from this course and access to the Advanced Level Course in the future.

The Rate:

  • $350 for “audit only” where you receive the videos but not the mentoring sessions (more info below)

  • $750 for the base rate including all videos, access to personal mentoring, the daylong retreat and more

  • $1250 for students who desire one-on-one mentoring with Lodro 2x a month instead of once

  • But here’s the thing: payment plans and discounts are available for PoC, trans-identified people, and anyone struggling financially. We’re committed to not making the teachings as accessible as possible to you, period.

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To learn more about any aspect of this program you can schedule a free 15 minute get to know you call

or you can email Lodro ( for more information.

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"My one-on-one meetings with Lodro have been invaluable to my practice and understanding of Buddhism, particularly in terms of how I integrate them into my everyday life. He has been particularly thoughtful and understanding with my seemingly endless questions about meditation and the dharma." - R.J.


About Lodro: Lodro Rinzler is the cofounder of MNDFL Meditation and is the award-winning author of six books: The Buddha Walks into a Bar; Walk Like a Buddha; The Buddha Walks into the Office; Sit Like a Buddha; How to Love Yourself (And Sometimes Other People); and Love Hurts. He has taught meditation for eighteen years in the Buddhist tradition and travels frequently for his books, having spoken across the world at conferences, universities, and businesses as diverse as Google, Harvard University and the White House. Dubbed “the cool kid’s Buddhist” by The Boston Phoenix, Rinzler’s work has been featured in The New York Times,The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, FOX, CBS, and NBC. He lives in New York City with his wife Adreanna and a menagerie of small animals.

The Fine Print: Please note that Lodro will only be accepting a limited number of participants into the program this year so we recommend applying early. Given the limited number of seats, no refunds are offered once the program has begun.

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Q: Well, I’m in. But the finances are tricky. Can I pay over time?

A: Payment plans for all of these programs can be discussed with Lodro. He’s committed to making sure that finances are not a barrier to people accessing these teachings.

Q: Isn’t the online thing a little impersonal?

A: It doesn’t have to be! The beauty of having a small community is that we hold each other accountable for our practice and develop genuine connection along the journey.

Q: Do I have to be a card-carrying Buddhist to do this program?

A: No! This is a program that trains people in meditation from the Buddhist tradition but you do not have to be a Buddhist or become a convert in order to join. People from all backgrounds are welcome.

Q: How are the one-on-one sessions with Lodro scheduled?

A: Lodro has software that will allow you to scroll through his availability and pick what time works for you. He’s on the East Coast but has reserved time slots at a wide variety of hours to meet with you.

Q: Do I still have access to the online community after the five months?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Is this a teacher training?

A: Nope. For information about doing meditation teacher training, contact Lodro at

Have additional questions? You can reach out to Lodro directly at