Resources for An Age of Bias and Confusion

I am grateful that MNDFL is able to serve as a safer and braver space for two conversations in the coming weeks that need to be had. On Monday, the Rev. angel Kyodo williams will lead a talk on creating real change and looking at how we can heal ourselves in order to heal the world around us. On September 11, Sebene Selassie picks up the thread for a talk on race, unconscious bias, and mindfulness.

August 21:
September 11:

Recent reads/listens that have been helpful for me post-Charlottesville:

MNDFL teacher Colin Beavan writes "I Need to Start With the Racist Attitudes in Me"

angel asks "Where Will You Stand?" in regards to Buddhism and white supremacy

and finally (and most poignantly for me) Representative John Lewis is interviewed for On Being; very much worth the listen

May we all live with more love.