Dharma Talk | The Buddha Walks into a Bar: Creating Enlightened Society

I am newly returned from a few weeks in retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center with my teacher, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. There are no words for my level of gratitude to this incredible being. If you have ever benefited from my books, talks, or practice instructions, it is because of something I learned from him. And (big news alert!) his new book is coming out in October. I'll be traveling as "host teacher" with him to Denver, NYC, and Toronto for his book tour. More info on that coming soon, I promise.

The staff at the retreat center, SMC, work incredibly hard to host the numerous programs they have there. Some of them have read my work and requested we spend some time together. As a small token of gratitude I offered a talk to them on my last night there. This is the audio recording of that talk, should you be in the mood for some words on suffering, meditation, and how the latter can change the world.