Everybody deserves a relaxed mind and less stressful life.

There’s a term in Sanskrit - kalyanamitra - which means “spiritual friend.”

We can all benefit from a friend who has been meditating for 30+ years and, while very much a real human and not a-guru-on-the-mountain type, knows the ins-and-outs of meditation, Buddhist study, and will support you as you bring meditation practice off the cushion and into your daily life.

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"Lodro is a witty, insightful, and intelligent teacher. He combines an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the Buddhist text with a deep practical wisdom of what it is to be a human in the modern world.” - Isabelle

Sessions include:

1) Practice Accountability - just like a trainer at the gym, I’m holding you accountable for consistent meditation and cheering for you from the sidelines, offering practice advice and recommending specific techniques to focus on 

2. Path Guidance - we work together to develop a strong course of study, books to read, retreats to consider, and connection to a lineage or lineages

3. Life Guidance – the most organic part of the meetings are about applying Buddhist principles to your career, relationships, family, and all aspects of your life off the cushion

Meetings can take place weekly or monthly, with flexible payment options so that we can find meaningful ways to connect over the years to come.

“For the four years I've been studying with Lodro, he always pushes me towards more compassion and sensitivity for myself and others. In his teaching, Lodro consistently provides the perfect mix of traditional wisdom and contemporary experience, showing that what we think are our oh-so-modern problems are really pretty much the same as the ones humans have always been encountering.” - Sharon

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