Want to strengthen your meditation practice? Set up some personal instruction time with Lodro.

Many people find it a useful tool to have ongoing guidance from an experienced meditation teacher. This is a recurring dialogue that helps in navigating life’s setbacks and opportunities, bringing the practices of mindfulness into daily life and maintaining inspiration and structure for a fulfilling spiritual practice.

Please note that Lodro has a waiting list for meeting with new students. To join please fill out the form below.

In terms of getting you started with a meditation practice, there are three main areas we would focus on:

1. Practice Accountability –Lodro can offer guidance for being consistent with your practice and study, and in your meetings you get clear about setting good intentions for practice and following up on practice commitments, checking in and seeing how it’s going.

2. Path Guidance – it’s important to consider a strong course of practice, study, retreats, and connection to a lineage or lineages.

3. Life Guidance – this is the most organic part of the meetings, but Lodro can work collaboratively with you on how to apply dharmic principles to career, relationships, family, and all aspects of life off the cushion. He offers confidentiality if you share personal details of life. It is fine and very welcome to discuss life situations, as long as you keep coming back to how the principles and teachings of dharma can help you live a compassionate and mindful life.

NYC Meetings – if you live in New York City you can meet with Lodro at MNDFL, his meditation studio at 10 E. 8th St. for one hour. Fill out the form below for more info.

Online Meetings – for a similar experience, Lodro can meet one-on-one with you for forty-five minutes via Google Hangout. Fill out the form below for more info.

It takes time to hone in on how to apply meditation to your everyday life. There is a five meeting commitment for anyone Lodro agrees to begin working with. 

Group Instruction – Email for more info 

To sign up for a personal instruction session, fill out the form below

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