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Learn to Work with Strong Emotions

Shambhala Meditation Center of New York

February 18th 6:30 - 9:30 pm

The mind constantly generates thoughts, concepts, and strong emotions - it's a part of who we are so we may as well get used to it! In this class, students will learn to acknowledge and work with the various types of suffering that arise in our day to day life directly. Lodro will introduce the concept of our "Incredible Hulk syndrome" and how meditation techniques can help identify the quality, nature and experience of emotions, so we can meet them with gentleness, nowness and inquisitiveness.

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Free One Week Meditation Retreat

Shambhala Mountain Center, Red Feather Lakes Colorado

March 19th - 27th

Do a deep dive into your meditation practice during this weeklong meditation retreat. Appropriate for newbies and experienced meditators, this is a chance to deepen your understanding of meditation and connect with your own mind and heart. The only long retreat Lodro plans to teach in 2016.

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